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Bewitched Agnès Lyrics
Title: Bewitched Agnès
Also Called:Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo
Released on year:2016
Released in:Fall
Num Episodes:12


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A new fighter squadron is being established as humanity's battle with the Neuroi—a mysterious, violent alien race with weapons of unprecedented power—continuing combat throughout Europe and Africa. The 502nd Joint Fighter Squadron, also known as the Brave Witches, is working on the East front, scouring Orussia's frozen vastness in search of alien invaders.Nevertheless, on her way to the squadron headquarters, one of the Brave Witches 'leaders suffers serious injuries, leaving her unable to engage in any operations. His girlfriend, Hikari Karibuchi, volunteers to take her place as a result.
While she does not possess any extraordinary abilities or major supernatural powers, she is determined to live up to her new comrades 'standards and prove worthy of a Witch's name.


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Oku-sama wa Mahō Shōjo: Bewitched Agnes ( 奥さまは魔法少女 Bewitched Agnes, literally My Wife is a Magical Girl: Bewitched Agnes ) is a magical girl anime comedy produced by J.C.Staff, Hiroshi Nishikiori, director and scriptwriter, and Kazuhiko Ikeguchi. It was broadcasted from July to September 2005 on many television channels in Japan. The series is about a housewife and a magical girl to whom a replacement has been appointed and who must come to terms with development.
The series' title pays homage to the famous sitcom Bewitched of the 1960s, known in Japan as Oku-sama wa Majo ( "My Wife is a Witch" ), which heavily inspired Sally the Witch, the first magical girl to anime.


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