Bikkurimen Songs Lyrics

Bikkurimen Songs Lyrics


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Bikkurimen Songs
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Anime Information


Also Called:ビックリメン


Released in:Fall


In a captivating world where Bikkuri-Man stickers hold unprecedented value, their transportation has taken on an extraordinary level of importance, even requiring cash transport vehicles. The theft that shook the nation, commonly known as the infamous "300 million Bikkuri-Man sticker case," still looms large in everyone's memory. Now, intertwined with the allure of these prized stickers, a heated battle ensues between two rival convenience stores, thrusting Yamato, a diligent high-school delivery part-timer, into the heart of the conflict. On one side, the Angel Mart, owned by the esteemed Phoenix store manager, boasts its renowned collection of dazzling and user-friendly stickers. On the opposing side, the Devil Store emerges, vying for the attention of fervent Bikkuri-Man fans. Comrades once united, now find themselves torn between alliances and hostilities, plunging into an inevitable showdown where destiny itself hangs in the balance.