Black Butler : Book of Atlantic Songs Lyrics

黒執事 Book of the Atlantic
Black Butler : Book of Atlantic Songs Lyrics


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Black Butler : Book of Atlantic Songs
Black Butler : Book of Atlantic Ending Lyrics 黒執事 Book of the Atlantic Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Black Butler : Book of Atlantic

Also Called:黒執事 Book of the Atlantic


Released on year:2017

Num Episodes:1


In the eerie depths of Victorian London, a chilling tale unfolds as the illustrious Earl Ciel Phantomhive, also known as the Queen's Guard Dog, embarks on yet another harrowing adventure. This time, dark whispers of otherworldly resurrections echo through the cobblestone streets, beckoning Ciel and his loyal demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis, to unravel the mysteries lurking within this shadowy affair. Their journey takes them aboard the opulent vessel known as the Campania, a prestigious luxury cruise liner where rumors run rampant of a clandestine organization known as the Aurora Society. Whispers of their macabre experiments on the deceased have sent shivers down the spines of London's inhabitants, entangling the young Earl in a web of intrigue and dread. As the ship sails on, an unsettling presence manifests itself in the form of grim reapers that ominously tread the vessel's decks. Like a monstrous tide, an undead horde threatens to swarm the unsuspecting passengers, fueled by a nefarious scheme that starts to unfurl. In this desperate battle against time and looming darkness, Ciel and Sebastian must delve deep into the enigmatic secrets concealed beneath the Aurora Society's enigmatic phoenix emblem. Guided by the flickering light of past alliances and confronting new allies shrouded in mystery, they strive to restore peace, putting the restless undead to eternal rest or risk sinking into a watery abyss. Brace yourself for a thrilling excursion through the twisted underbelly of Victorian London as Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis step forth as the stalwart guardians of justice in a realm ruled by darkness.