Bokura no Ameiro Protocol Songs Lyrics

Our Rainy Protocol | 僕らの雨いろプロトコル
Bokura no Ameiro Protocol Songs Lyrics


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Bokura no Ameiro Protocol Songs
Bokura no Ameiro Protocol Opening Lyrics Our Rainy Protocol | 僕らの雨いろプロトコル Opening Lyrics
Bokura no Ameiro Protocol Ending Lyrics Our Rainy Protocol | 僕らの雨いろプロトコル Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Bokura no Ameiro Protocol

Also Called:Our Rainy Protocol | 僕らの雨いろプロトコル


Released in:Fall


Within the realms of a bustling metropolis, resides Shun Tokinoya, a dedicated second-year high school student. Ever since tragedy struck his family, resulting in the loss of his father and the unfortunate injury of his beloved sister, Shun has permanently set aside his passion for gaming. Instead, he finds solace in his role at the renowned esports café known as "FOX ONE," where he diligently studies and works part-time. Amidst his pursuit of knowledge and responsibilities, Shun cherishes the occasional reunion with his childhood comrades who once shared his gaming adventures. However, the tranquility of Shun's newfound routine is abruptly shattered when alarming news reaches his ears – "FOX ONE" is drowning in an abyss of insurmountable debt. Forced to confront this unforeseen predicament, Shun, along with his loyal comrades, resolves to participate in the prestigious "Xaxerion Championship." Ensnared by the allure of the grand prize, they seek to emerge victorious and secure the coveted prize money necessary to alleviate their mounting debts. Driven by an insatiable hunger for redemption, Shun reenters the captivating realm of online games, finding himself face-to-face with Bakuretsu-kun, a former comrade turned fierce rival.