Bubblegum Crisis Songs Lyrics

Bubblegum Crisis Songs Lyrics


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Bubblegum Crisis Songs

Anime Information

Title:Bubblegum Crisis

Also Called:バブルガムクライシス


Released on year:1998

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:26


In the year 2032, a cataclysmic event known as the Second Great Kanto Earthquake brought Tokyo to its knees. From the ashes of destruction, a gleaming metropolis emerged as MegaTokyo, a symbol of resilience and human ingenuity. But beneath its shiny facade lies a hidden menace. The city's salvation came in the form of mechanical beasts called "Boomers," originally designed for the betterment of society. However, the enigmatic Genom corporation exploited their potential, transforming these benevolent beings into deadly weapons capable of assuming human form. To combat the rising tide of Boomer-related crimes, a special unit named the AD Police was established. Yet, faced with overwhelming challenges and the unmatched might of these artificially enhanced adversaries, the AD Police finds themselves hopelessly outmatched. Amidst this bleak reality, a glimmer of hope shines through in the form of the Knight Sabers—a clandestine cadre of vigilantes. Clad in cutting-edge powersuits that surpass even military technology, these remarkable young women, led by the indomitable Sylia Stingray, Priscilla "Priss" Asagiri, Nene Romanova, and Linna Yamazaki, stand as the last line of defense for the vulnerable citizens of MegaTokyo. Fearless, charismatic, and unstoppable, they ruthlessly neutralize any Boomer that dares to disrupt the fragile tranquility of this nascent city. Prepare to delve into the captivating world of MegaTokyo, where shadowy forces conspire against the remnants of humanity and only a select few possess the power to save the day. Join the Knight Sabers as they embark on heart-pounding adventures, battling both their own ghosts and the relentless onslaught unleashed by Genom's diabolical creations. Are you ready for the pulse-pounding action and adrenaline-fueled battles that lie ahead? Buckle up and brace yourself to witness the extraordinary exploits of the Knight Sabers as they defy all odds to ensure MegaTokyo's survival.