Buddy Daddies Songs Lyrics

Buddy Daddies Songs Lyrics


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Buddy Daddies Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Buddy Daddies

Also Called:バディ・ダディズ


Released in:Winter


In the bustling city of Tokyo, as Christmas Eve approaches, a small, determined soul named Miri Unasaka embarks on a solitary journey to find her father. Through the dazzling illuminations and festive vibes, our young protagonist stumbles upon a grand hotel, where a mysterious gentleman with an enticing cake captures her attention. Little does she know that this encounter will unknowingly thrust her into the heart of a meticulously orchestrated assassination plot targeting a notorious mafia boss, brimming with danger and deceit. Enter Kazuki Kurusu and Rei Suwa, seasoned assassins whose lives intertwine as they seek refuge from their haunting pasts and avoid emotional entanglements. A twist of fate leaves them with no choice but to bring young Miri into their sanctuary, prompting an instinctive decision to reunite her with her mother. However, as Miri's contagious laughter and pure outlook on life begin to weave their magic, Kazuki finds himself embracing his role as a guardian in secret. Even Rei, known for his impenetrable emotional walls, can't resist the charm of this innocent soul and gradually opens up his heart to her. Yet, raising an energetically unpredictable child like Miri proves to be a greater challenge than any mission Kazuki and Rei have encountered. Despite the looming risks that could jeopardize their careers, these two enigmatic individuals, affectionately known as "papa," bravely navigate the uncharted waters of parenthood. Setting aside their clandestine identities, they embark on an audacious journey to offer Miri a semblance of a normal childhood, against all odds stacked against them.


The highly anticipated anime series, Buddy Daddies, made its dazzling debut on Blu-ray and DVD, captivating fans worldwide. This stellar production, spanning six volumes, was released with great acclaim from March 22, 2023, to August 23, 2023. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary adventure as you experience the thrilling tale of Buddy Daddies in all its high-definition glory.