Build Divide: Code Black Songs Lyrics

ビルディバイド -#000000(コードブラック)-
Build Divide: Code Black Songs Lyrics


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Build Divide: Code Black Songs
Build Divide: Code Black Opening Lyrics ビルディバイド -#000000(コードブラック)- Opening Lyrics
Build Divide: Code Black Ending Lyrics ビルディバイド -#000000(コードブラック)- Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Build Divide: Code Black

Also Called:ビルディバイド -#000000(コードブラック)-


Released on year:2022

Released in:Spring


Welcome to the captivating world of Neo Kyoto, a realm where the destiny of individuals is determined by the thrilling card game known as "Build Divide." In this high-stakes game, not only personal conflicts are resolved, but also social status is determined. Succeeding in Build Divide means conquering life itself. The ultimate aspiration of every player is to ascend to the prestigious rank of King, possessing unrivaled skills that grant them near-absolute dominance over the entire city. Imagine waking up one day in Neo Kyoto, devoid of memories except for your name: Teruto Kurabe. Clutching a deck of cards for a game you no longer remember, you find yourself in a labyrinthine city brimming with mystery and intrigue. Amidst this enigmatic landscape, you encounter Sakura Banka, another player who aids you in rediscovering the rules of Build Divide and reminds you of a crucial mission: to seek an audience with the illustrious King at all costs. United by a common goal, Teruto and Sakura dive into the mesmerizing depths of Neo Kyoto, embracing the challenge that lies ahead. Their best shot at an audience with the mighty King lies in the revered Rebuild tournament. To seize the throne, one must amass twenty-one tokens by defeating formidable adversaries. As Teruto immerses himself in this intense competition, fragments of his fragmented past resurface, casting doubt on the very essence of Neo Kyoto and its enigmatic rulers. Prepare to be enthralled by the riveting tale of Teruto and Sakura as they navigate the intricacies of Build Divide, unravel the secrets of their forgotten identities, and question the very fabric of Neo Kyoto itself.