Bullbuster Songs Lyrics

Bullbuster Songs Lyrics


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Bullbuster Songs
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Anime Information


Also Called:ブルバスター


Released on year:2023

Released in:Fall


Tetsurou Okino, a brilliant young engineer, finds himself thrust into the world of vermin extermination when he joins the esteemed Hato Industries. Armed with his groundbreaking creation, the remarkable robot known as Bullbuster, Tetsurou is determined to make a difference. However, he soon discovers that Hato Industries is no ordinary company. Led by the resolute President Tajima, Hato Industries stands as a small organization grappling with financial constraints. Their noble mission to eradicate the enigmatic creatures veers perilously close to the harsh realities of limited budgets, posing a unique set of challenges. With the ever-looming specter of expensive fuel costs for their robots and the undeniable strain of labor expenses for their skilled pilots, Hato Industries finds itself walking a tightrope of efficiency and resourcefulness. The stakes are high, for even a single wasted bullet could spell disaster. In this gripping tale of extermination, the collision of idealism and pragmatic necessity shrouds Hato Industries in uncertainty. What lies ahead for this valiant company as they navigate the treacherous landscape of vermin eradication? Only time will unveil the fate that awaits them.