Chainsaw Man Songs Lyrics

Chainsaw Man Songs Lyrics


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Chainsaw Man Songs
Chainsaw Man Opening Lyrics チェンソーマン Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Chainsaw Man

Also Called:チェンソーマン


Released in:Fall


In the depths of Denji's heart lies a humble dream—to experience a life brimming with happiness and tranquility, accompanied by the affections of a beloved companion. Alas, reality paints a starkly different picture for our protagonist. Entrapped by the ruthless clutches of the yakuza, Denji finds himself entangled in the perilous trade of devil eradication, a desperate bid to alleviate suffocating debts that consume his existence. Armed with the extraordinary powers bestowed upon him by his faithful devil companion, Pochita, Denji embarks on a perilous path, driven solely by the thirst for financial solace. But fate twists mercilessly, casting Denji into an untimely demise at the hands of a devil conspired by the very syndicate that held him ransom. Yet, in a bewildering confluence of events, Denji's spirit intertwines with the essence of Pochita, the two becoming one. This unholy fusion bestows upon our resurrected hero the fearsome powers of the legendary chainsaw devil, enabling him to transform his own limbs into lethal, whirling blades. Capitalizing on this newfound strength, Denji unsheathes his vengeance upon his adversaries, mowing them down with reckless abandon. News of his audacious exploits rapidly spreads, captivating the attention of the prestigious Public Safety Bureau's devil hunters, who swiftly recognize Denji's exceptional potential. Extending an offer he simply cannot refuse, they present him with an opportunity—a chance to join their ranks and use his extraordinary abilities for the greater good. With this newfound purpose and the formidable means to confront the most daunting of foes, Denji vows to let nothing deter him from achieving his modest teenage aspirations. Brace yourself as Denji's chainsaw-revving odyssey unfolds, relentless in its pursuit of dreams against all odds.


As part of the thrilling JUMP START initiative, Chainsaw Man's first three chapters took the English manga world by storm, being simultaneously published in VIZ Media's prestigious digital Weekly Shounen Jump, right alongside its Japanese release. And the excitement didn't stop there! Fans have been able to enjoy this gripping series in English through the brilliant MANGA Plus platform's simulpub feature. Thanks to VIZ Media's esteemed Shonen Jump imprint, the English volumes have been captivating readers since October 6, 2020. But that's not all! Brace yourselves for an exciting revelation - the first part of Chainsaw Man reached its stunning conclusion with an impressive 97 chapters on December 14, 2020. However, the gripping tale didn't end there. Hold your breath, for the second part of the series emerged from the depths with a bang! Serialized on Shounen Jump+, it introduced a fresh new chapter, Chapter 98, on July 13, 2022, leaving fans hungry for more electrifying content. Stay tuned as Chainsaw Man continues to carve its way into the hearts of manga enthusiasts!