Chimimo Songs Lyrics

Chimimo Songs Lyrics


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Chimimo Songs
Chimimo Opening Lyrics ちみも Opening Lyrics
Chimimo Ending Lyrics ちみも Ending Lyrics

Anime Information


Also Called:ちみも


Released on year:2022

Released in:Summer


Mei Onigami's peaceful abode becomes a hub of mystery when she stumbles upon a peculiar creature, emitting its unique chant of "chimi." Enthralled by its mystique, Mei persuades her sisters, Mutsumi and Hazuki, to harbor the enigmatic being until its rightful owner comes forth. Little did they know, their simple act of kindness would spark a sequence of astonishing events. With one utterance of the word "hell," the sisters inadvertently invite a swarm of additional creatures into their midst, steadily increasing their numbers to an astounding twelve. Bewildered yet undeterred, the Onigami sisters adjust to this bizarre turn of events, unaware of the portal these critters are about to unleash. Through the newly formed gateway emerges Jabberwock the Eighth, an eerie figure adorned with fangs, horns, and a shroud of fur. His sinister mission, orchestrated by his superior, is to plunge the mortal realm into an infernal abyss. Determined to carry out his terrifying quest, he encounters an unexpected conundrum in the human world. Embracing the peculiarities of coexistence, the Onigami sisters extend their abode to welcome Jabberwock as a guest. Accompanying his arrival are the Chimimoryo spirits, the mischievous demons that preceded him. Endearingly dubbed Jigoku-san in their household, this emissary from the depths of Hell finds himself entangled in the intricate web of human existence. Now, tasked with conquering the world, Jigoku-san must navigate the treacherous labyrinth of everyday life while gradually unraveling its maddening complexities. Beyond battling the supernatural, he must endure the numerous hells that ordinary existence presents him. Join Mei, Mutsumi, and Hazuki on their extraordinary journey as they traverse the realms of mystery, humor, and unexpected twists, guided by their newfound demonic ally. Will Jigoku-san triumph over the challenges of both Hell and Earth, or will his supernatural aspirations melt under the scorching flames of reality? Embrace the infernal allure and revel in the ordinary-turned-extraordinary as this tale unfolds.


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