Collar x Malice: Deep Cover Songs Lyrics

劇場版 Collar×Malice -deep cover-
Collar x Malice: Deep Cover Songs Lyrics


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Collar x Malice: Deep Cover Songs
Collar x Malice: Deep Cover Ending Lyrics 劇場版 Collar×Malice -deep cover- Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Collar x Malice: Deep Cover

Also Called:劇場版 Collar×Malice -deep cover-


Released on year:2023

Num Episodes:2


In the bustling city of Shinjuku, an ominous shadow organization spreads its malicious agenda, instilling fear and triggering a wave of violence that pushes society to the precipice of chaos. Thrust into this dark confrontation as a youthful law enforcement officer, Ichika Hoshino becomes a prime target of the organization's wrath, ensnared within a perilous web of treachery. In an act of utter malevolence, Ichika finds herself subjected to a harrowing assault, her very existence imperiled by the malicious forces at play. Bound by a venomous collar, her every move becomes a matter of life and death. With the situation veering dangerously out of control and time rapidly slipping away, a glimmer of hope emerges in the form of five enigmatic strangers, destined to aid her in a desperate pursuit for the truth. Within this tumultuous urban landscape, trust becomes an elusive commodity, as alliances form and crumble, blurring the line between friend and foe. Guided by an unyielding determination, Ichika must navigate through a sinister labyrinth, battling not only the physical threats that besiege her, but also the demons that lurk within the shadowy recesses of her own mind. In a race against the clock, will she manage to liberate herself from the clutches of impending doom and save not only her own soul, but also the very essence of Shinjuku itself? Unveil the secrets shrouded in darkness as you embark on this gripping odyssey of survival and redemption.