Cool Doji Danshi Songs Lyrics

Play It Cool, Guys | クールドジ男子
Cool Doji Danshi Songs Lyrics


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Cool Doji Danshi Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Cool Doji Danshi

Also Called:Play It Cool, Guys | クールドジ男子


Released in:Fall


Souma Shiki, Hayate Ichikura, Shun Futami, and Takayuki Mima are an intriguing bunch. Although they all possess their own unique personalities, there is one captivating trait that they share: a remarkable ability to hide their embarrassments behind an admirable facade of composure, despite their innate clumsiness. However, it is the combination of their endearing airheadedness and unwavering determination that ignites a flutter in the hearts of the ladies. No matter what challenges fate throws their way, these gentlemen are unwavering in their resolve to maintain their cool, creating a compelling narrative within their daily lives.