D_Cide Traumerei Songs Lyrics

D_Cide Traumerei Songs Lyrics


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D_Cide Traumerei Songs
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Anime Information

Title:D_Cide Traumerei

Also Called:ディーサイドトロイメライ


Released on year:2017

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:12


In the depths of his childhood, Ryuuhei Oda bore witness to the tragic demise of his beloved elder brother. To compound the mystery of the event, an enigmatic symbol was left behind near the lifeless body. Flash forward to his second year of high school, Ryuuhei, a spirited and impulsive youth, devotes his days to the exhilarating art of kickboxing. One fateful evening, as he meanders homeward, a peculiar creature sinks its teeth into Ryuuhei's leg, plunging him into a bizarre dream realm teeming with peculiar entities. The following day, when he finds himself under assault by the same unearthly beings in the waking world, two gallant figures, Jessica Clayborn and Aruto Fushibe, intercede just in time, declaring Ryuuhei as their newly anointed recruit. Thrust into the throes of imminent danger, a bewildered Ryuuhei is implored by Jessica to unleash his latent powers and transform into a formidable "knocker-up" - a valiant warrior armed with the ability to confront the hideous monsters that hail from the realm of dreams. Harnessing his supreme proficiency in the art of kickboxing, Ryuuhei promptly unchains his extraordinary abilities to safeguard the city, only to stumble upon a hauntingly familiar mark - a symbol imprinted upon his memory forevermore.


D_Cide Traumerei the Animation stands as an integral component of the enthralling multimedia project known as "D_Cide Traumerei," skillfully crafted under the joint production of Bushiroad, Drecom, and Sumzap.