D4DJ First Mix Songs Lyrics

Dig Delight Direct Drive DJ | D4DJ: First Mix
D4DJ First Mix Songs Lyrics


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D4DJ First Mix Songs
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Anime Information

Title:D4DJ First Mix

Also Called:Dig Delight Direct Drive DJ | D4DJ: First Mix


Released on year:2010

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:12


After embarking on an incredible journey in Africa, Rinku Aimoto is finally making her grand return to Japan. Her destination? The prestigious Yoba Academy, renowned for its vibrant DJ culture. At this extraordinary school, DJ units reign supreme, consisting of talented DJs, mesmerizing vocalists, and captivating dancers. And it is within this exhilarating realm that Rinku's path intertwines with that of Maho Akashi, a determined aspiring DJ who becomes her guiding light in the art of spinning records. Intrigued by the alluring world of DJing, Rinku and Maho find themselves enthusiastically attending a mind-blowing performance by the illustrious DJ collective, Peaky P-key, leaving them awestruck and brimming with inspiration. It is at this electrifying moment that the undeniable spark ignites within their souls, propelling them towards an audacious dream—to form a sensational DJ unit of their own. Fuelled by their passion, Rinku and Maho commence their quest, swiftly recruiting the exceptionally talented artist and Rinku's long-time confidant, Muni Oonaruto. But their journey to stardom doesn't end there. Eager to imbue their unit with a touch of breathtaking elegance, they enlist the shy yet compassionate pianist, Rei Togetsu. With unwavering determination and forged bonds of friendship, they christen themselves as Happy Around, aspiring to ascend to the pinnacle of the nation's DJ elite. Join Happy Around as they fuse their individual talents into an explosive symphony of sound, captivating audiences with their unrivaled synergy. With each beat, they inch closer to their ultimate goal—establishing themselves as one of the most acclaimed DJ units in the entire country. Get ready to be swept away in a wave of electrifying music and exhilarating performances as Happy Around leaves an indelible mark on the world of anime!


Introducing the sensational mobile rhythm game that has taken the anime world by storm - D4DJ Groovy Mix! Developed by the renowned Donuts and published by the esteemed Bushiroad, this extraordinary game is now available on iOS and Android platforms. Originally launched in October 2020 in Japan, the English language version of this captivating title hit the shelves in May 2021, captivating players with its mesmerizing beats and electrifying gameplay. Get ready to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of D4DJ Groovy Mix, where rhythmic melodies meet cutting-edge technology!