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Dash Kappei Lyrics
Title: Dash Kappei
Released on year:2003
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:24


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Pacifica Casull, a member of the royal family, has been dubbed "Scrapped Princess" after an apocalyptic prophecy predicts her destroying the world on her 16th birthday. She takes refuge with her adoptive older brother and sister, Shannon and Raquel Casull, after being rescued from certain death by a kind family. Pacifica is forced to flee for her life when news of her survival reaches the ears of the God Mauser's worshippers, who order her death at all costs.
Threats from the church, nobility, and even the common people plague the three siblings as they try to avoid Pacifica's fate, all the while wondering if one girl's life is worth the world's destruction.

As the princess' 16th birthday approaches, the true nature of the Scrapped Princess, as well as the harrowing revelations of the world, becomes more and more apparent.

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Dash Kappei () is a Japanese sports manga series written and illustrated by Noboru Rokuda, which debuted in Weekly Shnen Sunday in 1980. There were 158 chapters in the manga.
Tatsunoko Production adapted the manga into a 65-episode anime television series in 1981, with Masayuki Hayashi as the main director. From 4 October 1981 to 26 December 1982, the anime was broadcast on Fuji TV on Sundays at 6 p.m. in Japan. It was one of Tatsunoko's most popular shows in Japan during the 1980s, with regular ratings of around 15-20%, but it was even more popular when it was adapted for the Italian TV market in 1983 under the title Gigi la Trottola.

Because of the anime's popularity in Italy, the complete manga was published there in 2001 (with the original Japanese title and character names). In the early 1990s, an Italian dubbed version of the anime aired in Poland with Polish voice-over, where it was known by its Italian name. The anime was also a success in two Spanish dubs, one of which aired in Spain and the other in Latin America, both of which were titled Chicho Terremoto. In Spain and Italy, the anime was a huge hit..

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