Idolls! Songs Lyrics

Idolls!: Idol Surviva | アイドールズ!
Idolls! Songs Lyrics


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Idolls! Songs
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Anime Information


Also Called:Idolls!: Idol Surviva | アイドールズ!


Released on year:2011

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:25


Idolls! Despite their three-year tenure as an idol group, have fallen short of achieving the recognition they truly deserve. With only a trifling trio of devoted fans, their aspirations remain unfulfilled. However, amidst the lamentations and despondency, an unexpected occurrence takes place within the confines of their chamber - a petite wooden statue suddenly comes to life, bestowing upon them an audacious proposition. Prompting the girls to secure a grand venue designed to accommodate a staggering one hundred fervent admirers. Yet, this daunting challenge must be conquered within a mere nine days! Embarking upon a frenzied race against the ticking clock, the girls find themselves compelled to not only achieve greatness but to also prove their sterling qualities as potential stars. Failure is not an option, for it entails confronting the harsh reality of unrealized dreams.