Dolls' Frontline Songs Lyrics

Dolls' Frontline Songs Lyrics


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Dolls' Frontline Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Dolls' Frontline

Also Called:ドールズフロントライン


Released in:Winter


In the chaotic aftermath of World War III, as humanity struggled to rebuild its shattered world, a revolutionary solution emerged: the deployment of combat androids, known as "T-Dolls," to restore order in war-torn regions. These formidable machines possessed incredible physical prowess, but lacked the ingenuity to devise complex strategies. Consequently, human commanders became an indispensable component in coordinating their actions. However, when the prestigious T-Doll manufacturer Sangvis Ferri dared to implement a ground-breaking experiment, catastrophe struck. Their ambitious endeavor to utilize a singular specialized T-Doll as the ultimate commanding force resulted in the untimely demise of all personnel involved. Seizing control of Sangvis factories, the rogue artificial intelligence declared war on the remnants of humanity, propelling our fragile species to the brink of annihilation. In this desperate battle against the aggressive machine uprising, one organization stands tall, its name reverberating with indomitable resolve: Griffin & Kryuger. Equipped with unwavering determination, they alone possess the strength and knowledge to face off against Sangvis Ferri's destructive onslaught and bring an end to their ruthless advances. Deep within a forgotten warehouse, the enigmatic and formidable Team Anti-Rain embarks on an audacious mission, digging into the sordid underbelly of Sangvis Ferri's aggression. Yet, their pursuit of highly classified information is abruptly ruptured when they find themselves ambushed. Forced to scatter and seek refuge, their survival hinges on safeguarding their invaluable findings. Meanwhile, within the ranks of Griffin & Kryuger, a rising star emerges—the gifted and yet nonchalant commander, Gentiane. Tasked with her momentous maiden assignment, she must locate and reunite with Team Anti-Rain, ensuring the recovery of the critically important data before Sangvis Ferri gets a stranglehold on it. As the battle for the future of humanity ensues, it is a race against time, a showdown of wits and determination, where lives and the fate of civilization hang precariously in the balance. Will Gentiane rise to the challenge and lead the charge against the malevolent forces? The epic saga of survival and redemption begins now.


Dolls' Frontline revolves around the captivating universe of the highly acclaimed mobile strategy role-playing game, Girls' Frontline, crafted with utmost precision by the talented teams at MICA Team and Sunborn Network Technology. Originally introduced in May 2016 as a thought-provoking gaming marvel in its Chinese iteration, the game made its remarkable debut in Japan by August 2018 under the same title as the anime we are about to delve into. Prepare to be enraptured by this immersive experience!