Dorohedoro Ending 6 Lyrics Dorohedoro - 404 Lyrics


Teeburu meikyuu meguru
Sora chanchara daaku rinjuu
I wanna get some ajiwai
Ai wana catch u madowasu
Tomogui now baibai
Waddup! tensai koko haitai
Meiwaku kooi wan.tsuu
Zouki to men tama itadaku

Kuccha ne sesshou hekireki nya hihei
Gimme some toubun
Trip ni Whip de me ni mo fuku kou no
Pottode buttobi kuushin tsuuka
Gimmick sore soutou bun ni
Death or Truth
Houkai Soon zennin souzen nari

Aww Oh Eww Nah koujitsu jinsai
Yaa Mmm goto Nothing

Kill'em taezu Boom
Sakimaware So many many ai to mai no aima
Crazy You suck atooi
404 ERROR BUG wa zekkou no sain

[Full Version Continues]

You're looking good maido no kou
Holla! koedashi te furu hoeru
Just wanna breathe in masuku
Chissoku tengoku merikomu
Dou shita? shinshin wazurai
Fu makka na MURDER kuso kurae
Zatta na kyouki arashitai DIE!

Ikki ni boutoku POP ni Disru zan zenzen
Gap ni Shock de jinsokuryoku kyou mo
Money Money
Patto mi Goddam yuusei too much
Kanzen nenshou hai jinjin
Rei ka hyaku meikai yuuzen ni shukushuku

Aoru na yuuyo nashi ESC
Namikaze ROCK IT

Shoot'em fuete Zoom
Toki mawase atama guwan guwan Knee in-towa
Yuuen mi no konashi
Gokigen samasama SWING MISS mayakashi

Katamari shizunda ashiato
Kirikizamu kairaku
Wazawai akai himatsu
I'm sou LOST saikoo
Ayashii hakidashita SHOUTING
Mai NAME hitasura ni kaitai
Saikai tachimachi ni chi de haikai
Saa koi

Hell yeah kirete Numb
Meisoujuu meisou CRY yami karameru
Yume Chewing
Kanbi toroke ROOTS
Nankaiten yuukai Doki Doki
Kyuujoushou nite heitei

Kill'em taezu Boom
Sakimaware So many many ai to mai no aima
Crazy You suck atooi
404 ERROR BUG wa zekkou no sain


Table, traversing a labyrinth
Sky, amusing, dark final moments
I wanna get some taste
Love, trap, catch u, confound
Cannibal, now, buy and sell
Waddup! Geniuses defeated one after
Nuisance, one two
Organs and eyeballs, I'm taking them.

Eat and sleep, life and death, exhaustion
in thunder
Gimme some sugar
In a Trip, with a Whip, even eyes have
luck, the sound of smell
Fresh from the country, leaping into the
sky, infrasonic passage
Gimmick, that's the corresponding value
Death or Truth
Collapse, Soon a good person will be
thrown into a uproar.

Aww Oh Eww Nah Excuses Accidents
Yaa Mmm Every Nothing

Kill 'em forever Boom
Get a head start, So many many, the
interim between un and defined
Crazy You suck chase after them
404 ERROR BUG is the greatest sign.

[Full Version Continues]

You're looking good, every single item
Holla! Call out, wave hand, shout
Just wanna breath in, mask
Strangulation heaven, sink into it
What's wrong? Mind and body unwell
Viscera, a pure red MURDER, eat shit
Assorted weapons, I wanna run wild, DIE!

Defile all at once, POP Dissing, cut,
completely with the grain
Shock and speediness in the Gap, today is
also Money Money
At a glance, Goddam, too much vocals
Total combustion, tingling lungs
Zero or a hundred, clear, calm and

Don't fan it, no hesitation, ESC
Discord, ROCK IT

Shoot 'em, awkward Zoom
Spin time, head spinning, Knee in- eternal

Playground posture
Assorted moods, SWING MISS FAKE

Clump, sunken footprints
Carving ecstasy
Misfortune, red spray
I'm manic, LOST, the best
Strange, spat out SHOUTING

Rice, NAME, dissected earnestly
The lowest rank, immediately loitering by
the plates
Now, deliberately.

Hell yeah, snap, Numb
Contemplating while meditating, CRY dark
Dream, Chewing
Sweet melting ROOTS
Fusing the difficult parts, Doki Doki
Boosting in recess

Kill 'em forever Boom
Get a head start, So many many, the
interim between un and defined
Crazy You suck chase after them
404 ERROR BUG is the greatest sign


テーブル 迷宮 巡る
空 ちゃんちゃら ダーク 臨終
I wanna get some 味わい
愛 罠 catch u 惑わす
共食い now 売買
Waddup! 天才個々 敗退
迷惑行為 ワン・ツー
臓器と目ん玉 いただく

食っちゃ寝 殺生 霹靂にゃ疲弊
Gimme some 糖分
TripにWhipで 眼にも福 香の隨
ぽっと出ぶっ飛び 空振通過
Gimmick それ相当分に
Death or Truth
崩壊 Soon 善人 騒然なり

Aww Oh Eww Nah 口実 人災
Yaa Mmm 毎 Nothing

Kill 'em 絶えず Boom
先回れ So many many 曖と昧の合間
Crazy You suck 後追い
404 ERROR BUG は絶好のサイン


You're looking good 毎度の項
Holla!声出し 手振る 吼える
Just wanna breathe in
窒息天国 メリ混む
どうした? 心身 患い
腑 真っ赤なMURDER 糞食らえ
雑多な 凶器 荒らしたい DIE!

一気に冒涜 POPにDisる 斬 全然性分
GapにShockで迅速力 今日もMoney
ぱっと見 Goddam 有声 too much
完全燃焼 肺ジンジン
零か百 明解 悠然に粛々

煽るな 猶予無し ESC

Shoot 'em 不得手 Zoom
時回せ 頭ぐわんぐわん Knee in-永久
遊園 身のこなし
ご機嫌様様 SWING MISS マヤカシ

塊 沈んだ足跡
切り刻む 快楽
厄 赤い飛沫
I'm 躁 LOST サイコー
怪しい 吐き出した SHOUTING
米 NAME ひたすらに 解体
最下位 たちまちに 血で徘徊
さあ 故意

Hell yeah キレて Numb
迷走中瞑想 CRY 闇カラメル
夢 Chewing
甘美 蕩けROOTS
難解点融解 Doki Doki

Kill 'em 絶えず Boom
先回れ So many many 曖と昧の合間
Crazy You suck 後追い
404 ERROR BUG は絶好のサイン

Dorohedoro Ending 6 Lyrics - Information

Title: 404
Anime: Dorohedoro
Type of Song:Ending
Appears in:Ending 6
Performed by:(K)NoW_NAME
Composed by:Tetsuya Shitara
Arranged by:Tetsuya Shitara
Lyrics by:NIKIIE & AIJ

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The land of Daigo Kagemitsu, a greedy samurai lord, is dying, and he will do anything for power, including renounce Buddha and make a pact with demons. His prayers are answered by 12 demons, who grant him the power he seeks by assisting the growth of his prefecture, but only at a cost. When Kagemitsu's first son is born, he lacks limbs, a nose, eyes, ears, and even skin—yet he survives.
This child is thrown into a river and forgotten about. But, by chance, he is rescued by a medicine man, who equips him with prosthetics and weapons, allowing him to survive and fend for himself.

The boy lives and grows, and despite his inability to see, hear, or feel anything, he must defeat the demons who kidnapped him. With each one's death, he reclaims a piece of himself that was rightfully his. He wanders alone for many years until an orphan boy named Dororo befriends him. In an unforgiving, demon-infested world, the unlikely pair of castaways must now fight for survival and humanity.

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Q Hayashida's manga series Dorohedoro (Japanese:, Hepburn: Doro-hedoro, lit. "Mud-sludge"[a]) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by him. It follows Caiman, an amnesiac reptilian with a head, as he works with his friend Nikaido to reclaim his memories and survive in a strange and violent world. From November 2000 to September 2014, the manga was serialized in Shogakukan's seinen magazine Monthly Ikki, which then ceased publication. It was serialized in Hibana from March 2015 to August 2017, when Hibana also stopped publishing. In November 2017, Dorohedoro was transferred to Monthly Shnen Sunday, where he remained until September 2018. Shogakukan published 23 tankbon volumes containing the chapters.

Viz Media licensed the series for English-language release in North America in 2009, and began digitally distributing the manga when it launched SigIKKI, the now-defunct online English version of Ikki magazine. From March 2010 to September 2019, 23 volumes were published.
From January to March 2020, a 12-episode anime television series adaptation produced by MAPPA aired on Tokyo MX in Japan. It was followed by a global Netflix streaming release in May 2020..

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