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Edens Bowy Lyrics
Title: Edens Bowy
Released on year:1999
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:26


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Yorn stares up at two huge cities that float in the sky and hopes to discover their mysteries. Those mysteries come looking for him without warning. His father is killed by Edenic assassins and Yorn is next on the hit list. A nameless old man and a mysterious young girl help Yorn find his long-lost mum and the truth in his quest. Known as the God Hunter, Yorn leads a race against the technological overlords 'dark designs.

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About Edens Bowy

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Written and illustrated by Kitsune Tennouji, Eden's Bowy ( Japanese: ヱデンズ ボゥイ, Hepburn: Wedenzu Bui ) is manga series. It first appeared in Comptiq magazine in 1994 but switched to Shōnen Ace in 1996. In 1999 Studio Deen adapted it into a 26-episode animated series.

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