Edomae Elf Songs Lyrics

Otaku Elf | 江戸前エルフ
Edomae Elf Songs Lyrics


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Edomae Elf Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Edomae Elf

Also Called:Otaku Elf | 江戸前エルフ


Released on year:2023

Released in:Spring


The illustrious Takamimi Shrine has graced the bustling streets of Tokyo for over four centuries, serving as the sacred abode of Elda, a mystical and enchanting elf from another realm. For a staggering 15 generations, the duty of tending to this eternal elf has been entrusted to a devoted lineage, dating back to the Edo period. And now, as Koito Koganei reaches the tender age of sixteen, the venerable responsibility of becoming Elda's shrine maiden befalls upon her capable shoulders. Balancing her sacred duties with the demands of her ordinary school life proves to be an intricate dance for Koito. It is no easy task when serving a reclusive goddess like Elda, who finds solace in the world of video games, toy collecting, and indulging in delicious snacks. Determined to introduce her socially withdrawn charge to the wonders of the outside realm, Koito deftly juggles her time between nurturing Elda's diverse hobbies and coaxing her into engaging with humanity at large. Along this extraordinary journey, Koito delves deep into the historical tapestry of her surroundings, unravelling the secrets behind the locals' profound adoration and inexplicable spoiling of this ineffable goddess.