Eienno 831 Songs Lyrics

Eienno 831 Songs Lyrics


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Eienno 831 Songs

Anime Information

Title:Eienno 831

Also Called:永遠の831


Released on year:2007

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:26


In a not-so-distant future, the realm of augmented reality has seamlessly fused with our everyday existence. Enter the enchanting world of Daikoku City, a place brimming with whispers of vanishing souls. Against this backdrop, we meet Yasako Okonogi, a gentle-hearted middleschooler, who, along with her family, embarks on an adventure within this technologically-infused realm. Yasako's grandmother, lovingly referred to as Mega-baa, owns a unique establishment named Megasia. Known for its illegal gadgets that interact with the virtual world, Mega-baa's shop is shrouded in mystery. However, behind the façade, Mega-baa also oversees an underground detective agency known as "Coil." Comprising a group of skilled youngsters, Coil diligently uncovers and tackles the rampant corruption infecting the virtual realm. Thrown into this intricate web of intrigue is Yasako herself, when her beloved cyberdog, Densuke, becomes trapped in the perilous depths of virtual space. Coming to her rescue is none other than Fumie Hashimoto, a spirited member of Coil, whose playful nature and quick thinking prove invaluable. Alongside this spirited group is Yuuko Amasawa, a formidable hacker, nostalgically referred to as Isako, whose determination to uncover the truth about the viruses and corruption sets her apart. Together, Coil races against time to unravel the enigmatic mysteries lurking within this digital domain. Will they succeed in exposing the true nature of these sinister viruses? And more importantly, what sacrifices will they make in their tireless pursuit of justice? Join us on this enthralling journey as Coil plunges into the heart of this augmented reality, in search of truth and salvation.


The series had the honor of receiving the prestigious Seiun Award in 2008, specifically in the highly coveted category of Best Dramatic Presentation.