Fate/Grand Order: First Order Songs Lyrics

Fate/Grand Order ‐First Order‐
Fate/Grand Order: First Order Songs Lyrics


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Fate/Grand Order: First Order Songs
Fate/Grand Order: First Order Ending Lyrics Fate/Grand Order ‐First Order‐ Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Fate/Grand Order: First Order

Also Called:Fate/Grand Order ‐First Order‐


Released on year:2019

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:21


In the year 2015, the esteemed Chaldea Security Organization assembled a team of formidable experts from various realms to diligently monitor the course of humanity's future, vigilant for any signs of impending doom. Survival prospects appeared promising, with naught but a century standing between mankind and safety. However, in a startling turn of events, the tides of fate abruptly shifted, casting a dark shadow of impending annihilation upon our species, with a doomsday deadline of 2016 looming ominously. The mysterious root of this existential threat seemed inexorably entwined with the enigmatic town of Fuyuki and the cataclysmic phenomena witnessed during the fabled Fifth Holy Grail War of 2004. In a desperate bid to alter this grim trajectory, Chaldea seized upon a revolutionary leap in temporal manipulation known as Rayshift technology. Empowered by this breakthrough, a fresh recruit by the name of Ritsuka Fujimaru joins forces with the enigmatic Mash Kyrielight, embarking on a harrowing journey back to the fateful year of 2004. Their sacred duty: to unravel the secrets entwined within that bygone era and alter the course of history, ultimately championing humanity's salvation. A momentous decree rings forth, commanding the heroes to defy the very fabric of destiny, to rewrite the past, and to reclaim a future teetering on the precipice of destruction.


Fate/Grand Order: First Order is a thrilling adaptation derived from the captivating prologue chapter of the immensely popular mobile game, Fate/Grand Order.