Fruits Basket The Final Songs Lyrics

フルーツバスケット The Final
Fruits Basket The Final Songs Lyrics


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Fruits Basket The Final Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Fruits Basket The Final

Also Called:フルーツバスケット The Final


Released on year:2019

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:25


Centuries past, an unbreakable oath was sworn among the enigmatic spirits of the Chinese zodiac and their divine guardian. Bound by this sacred promise, the tormented souls within the illustrious Souma bloodline are destined to be entwined forever, no matter the circumstance. Yet, what was once a testament to unwavering loyalty has now morphed into a suffocating burden—a profound curse that stifles their every move. As the clan's enigmatic leader, Akito firmly believes in an exclusive connection with the other Soumas, even if it means subjecting the rest of the family to isolation and torment. However, amidst this desolate backdrop, emerges a beacon of hope in the form of Tooru Honda. Intrigued and enamored by the Souma family, she resolves to break the shackles that confine them, unwilling to succumb to the chains of fate. With her unwavering support and her circle of steadfast allies, Tooru embarks on a valiant mission to lift the ancient curse afflicting the Soumas. Yet, as revelations shatter her preconceptions, her determination wavers, leaving her grappling with uncertainty and weighing the cost of her resolute pursuit. Time ticks away relentlessly, as Tooru races against it, hoping to discover serenity in the aftermath of turbulence and chaos.