Fumetsu no Anata e Songs Lyrics

To Your Eternity | 不滅のあなたへ
Fumetsu no Anata e Songs Lyrics


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Fumetsu no Anata e Songs
Fumetsu no Anata e Opening Lyrics To Your Eternity | 不滅のあなたへ Opening Lyrics
Fumetsu no Anata e Ending Lyrics To Your Eternity | 不滅のあなたへ Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Fumetsu no Anata e

Also Called:To Your Eternity | 不滅のあなたへ


Released on year:2022

Released in:Fall


An enigmatic Orb, known simply as "It," descends upon Earth, beckoning to be observed from a distance. Its true nature lies shrouded in mystery, possessing the remarkable ability to adopt the forms of creatures whose reflections it captures. Beginning its earthly sojourn as an unassuming rock, It metamorphoses into lush moss, prompted by the surging temperatures. Motionless and silent, Its tranquil existence is abruptly disrupted on a fateful snowy day when a feeble wolf, teetering on the brink of death, crosses Its path. Assuming the creature's visage, It acquires a profound sense of self-awareness, prompting a wanderlust that propels It on an aimless journey across an uncertain path. Along the way, It encounters the wolf's devoted master—a young, yearning boy yearning for his tribe's return from a mythical paradise, teeming with abundant fish and fruits in the lush southern lands. Although the boy finds solace in the company of his memories, he remains steadfast in his hope that his cherished ones have not forgotten him, nourishing an ardent desire for a joyous reunion. Driven by his adventurous spirit, the boy resolves to bid farewell to his familiar homeland, venturing forth with It as his unwavering guide, following in the lingering footprints left by his tribe. Yet, burdened by grievous injuries and bereft of any signs of his elder comrades, the boy stands at a crossroads, uncertain of his fate. "Fumetsu no Anata e" masterfully brings to life the extraordinary tale of an immortal entity embarking on a profound exploration of humanity, encounters with an extraordinary array of individuals, and captivating ventures through diverse epochs of time.