Fuuto Tantei Songs Lyrics

Fuuto PI | 風都探偵
Fuuto Tantei Songs Lyrics


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Fuuto Tantei Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Fuuto Tantei

Also Called:Fuuto PI | 風都探偵


Released on year:2022

Released in:Summer


Shoutarou Hidari, a tough and experienced private investigator hailing from the renowned Narumi Detective Agency, is dedicated to upholding peace and order in the vibrant city of Fuuto. Alongside his sharp-witted and inquisitive partner, Philip, Shoutarou navigates through the shadows of the night, unravelling mysteries and solving crimes that threaten the tranquil balance of their beloved city. One fateful evening, Shoutarou's path intertwines with the enigmatic Tokime, a woman shrouded in mystery and tangled in a web of dangerous incidents involving theft and murder. As the seasoned detective digs deeper, he discovers a startling connection to the nefarious miscreants wielding powerful "Gaia Memories" – small memory units akin to USB drives, capable of transforming users into formidable creatures known as "Dopants." Though the Narumi Detective Agency had managed to subdue many Gaia users in the past, a significant number remain at large, posing an immense threat to the safety of the public. Now, with Fuuto hanging precariously in the balance, Shoutarou and Philip once again step into action, taking on the mantle of Kamen Rider W – the legendary hero defending the city. Together, they embark on a perilous mission to eradicate the insidious nest of villainous Dopants, all while unraveling the true identity of Tokime and confronting the ghosts of a long-forgotten past. Brace yourself as they delve into the depths of darkness, courageously battling against formidable foes to restore peace and restore harmony to Fuuto.


Fuuto Tantei, the highly anticipated detective anime series, made its grand debut on Blu-ray and DVD across two mesmerizing volumes. The captivating journey commenced on November 9, 2022, and culminated on December 7, 2022, as fans eagerly embraced the suspense, intrigue, and unraveling mysteries that unfolded with every episode.