Gaiken Shijyou Shugi Songs Lyrics

Lookism | 外見至上主義
Gaiken Shijyou Shugi Songs Lyrics


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Gaiken Shijyou Shugi Songs

Anime Information

Title:Gaiken Shijyou Shugi

Also Called:Lookism | 外見至上主義


Released on year:2022


Park Hyung Suk, a high school student, endures a relentless cycle of violence, relentless name-calling, and consistent humiliation. Plagued by insecurities and trapped in a rotund body, he is incessantly subjected to the sadistic whims of bullies. Each day, he yearns to vanish from this cruel existence. Yet, a glimmer of hope unexpectedly emerges when he decides to transfer schools, seeking a fresh start. Amidst this transition, an extraordinary metamorphosis ensues: he awakens in a tall, strapping, and remarkably athletic physique. This revelation grants him possession of two disparate forms—each with its own distinctive reality. Hyung Suk, overwhelmed by this twist of fate, embarks on his new educational journey as a striking, powerful figure. However, basking in newfound popularity unveils a treacherous path fraught with unexpected challenges. Adulation from girls comes with a superficial motive, focusing solely on his attractive visage. Meanwhile, jealous delinquents eagerly provoke confrontations, struggling to cope with their envy. Hyung Suk, locked in a relentless tug-of-war between his dual lives, soon discovers that both realms, while enticing, harbor their own set of demanding trials.


Oemojisangjuui marks a significant milestone as Studio Mir's inaugural production based on a captivating Korean webtoon. This groundbreaking animated series also claims the honor of being Netflix's first foray into adapting this unique medium. Its commendable debut saw it swiftly ascend the ranks of Netflix's weekly global ratings, firmly securing a spot in the prestigious Top 10 for TV shows in non-English languages. Notably, Oemojisangjuui stands as the sole animated work to achieve this remarkable feat.