Ganbare Douki chan Songs Lyrics

Ganbare Douki chan Songs Lyrics


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Ganbare Douki chan Songs
Ganbare Douki chan Ending Lyrics がんばれ同期ちゃん Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Ganbare Douki chan

Also Called:がんばれ同期ちゃん


Released on year:1986

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:23


In the bustling corporate world, there exists a diligent office worker known as Douki-chan, fueled by a singular ambition: to captivate the heart of her esteemed coworker, Douki-kun. Alas, this endeavor proves to be a formidable challenge as she contends with two formidable adversaries - Kouhai-chan and Senpai-san. Both relentless in their pursuit of Douki-kun's affection, these rivals will stop at nothing to claim his attention. As Douki-chan confronts this arduous quest, she must rely on a stroke of fortune to surpass her competitors and emerge triumphant in the battle for Douki-kun's love.


The highly anticipated anime, Ganbare Douki-chan, has just made its debut on Blu-ray in Japan, delighting fans across the nation. Marking a momentous occasion, the release occurred on December 24, 2021, bringing the vibrant and captivating world of Douki-chan to life in stunning high-definition quality. Anime enthusiasts can now immerse themselves in this extraordinary series, as the Blu-ray version promises an even more enthralling viewing experience. So grab your copy and join the adventure of Douki-chan as she conquers challenges and captures hearts with her charming spirit.