Gekidol Songs Lyrics

Gekidol Songs Lyrics


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Gekidol Songs
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Anime Information


Also Called:ゲキドル


Released on year:2011

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:25


In the not too distant past, a mystifying occurrence known as the Global Synchronic Urban Disappearance seized Ikebukuro, causing a significant portion of it to vanish overnight. The aftermath of this catastrophe left the inhabitants bewildered, engulfed in chaos, and captivated by enigmatic electromagnetic anomalies referred to as "Auroras." It was amidst this chaos that an eminent idol named Izumi Hinazaki graced the stage with an awe-inspiring performance at the astounding Super Material Theater, an innovative production that aimed to revitalize the soul of Ikebukuro through the magic of holograms. Witnessing this mesmerizing spectacle, a fervent desire awakened within high school student Seria Morino, compelling her to embark on her own journey to become an idol. Fate intervened shortly thereafter, as Seria's path intersected with Kaoru Sakakibara, a visionary young woman who held the esteemed position of director at none other than Alice in Theater, the very troupe that once boasted Izumi as its luminary star. Yearning to chase her dreams with unwavering determination, Seria resolved to follow Kaoru's guidance and gracefully stepped into the world of Alice in Theater. Upon entering the establishment, she received a warm, cordial reception from a spirited group of talented young actresses, all fuelled by an unwavering passion for the craft. However, beneath the surface, an air of mystery seemed to linger, leaving a tantalizing sense of intrigue in the air.


The inaugural episode of Gekidol graced our screens together with the thrilling anime Alice in Deadly School on January 4, 2021. This captivating series aired from January 5 to March 23, 2021, leaving fans eagerly awaiting each new episode. To commemorate its phenomenal run, a Blu-ray Box encompassing all 12 episodes was gracefully unleashed on March 3, 2021.