Getta Robo G Songs Lyrics

Getta Robo G Songs Lyrics


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Getta Robo G Songs

Anime Information

Title:Getta Robo G

Also Called:ゲッターロボG


Released on year:2016

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


In the aftermath of the decisive victory against the formidable Reptilian Empire, the formidable Getter Team plunges headfirst into the arduous task of honing their skills on an innovative super robot known as Neo Getter Robo. However, their hard-earned peace is abruptly shattered when the tyrannical leader of the Empire resurfaces, launching a surprise assault on our valiant heroes. In their desperate hour, the courageous Getter Team finds themselves compelled to turn to an unexpected ally: a renowned street fighter who goes by the name of Go Ichimonji. This audacious warrior is summoned to take up the mantle of the pilot for Getter One, combining his street smarts with the formidable power of the legendary robot. Confronted by an adversary of unparalleled strength, the newly formed team must summon every ounce of their wits, tenacity, and determination. Yet, the very survival of humanity hinges on an audacious plan - the revival of the long-lost weapon, Shin Getter Robo. Will these daring warriors triumph over overwhelming odds and guide humanity towards a new dawn? Only time will reveal the outcome of this monumental struggle.