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ジビエート オープニング

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ジビエート エンディング
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Also Called:ジビエート
Released in:Summer


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Japan, in 2030. A virus has infected humans all over the world. Infected people turn into different types of monsters depending on their age , gender and race. After being rich in variety like gibia, the virus is called "Gibia. "

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Just then, in this blighted wasteland of Japan, a pair of samurai and ninja appeared. They both travelled from the early Edo period, battling with the aid of a physician who is trying to find cure for Gibia. Faced with constant attacks from Gibias and outlaws attacking travellers for food, they set off on a dangerous journey with enemies all around.


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Gibiate ( Japanese: ジビエート, Hepburn: Jibiēto ) is an original Japanese anime TV series created by Yoshitaka Amano, directed by Masahiko Komino and written by Ryō Aoki at Lunch Box and Studio Elle Studios. The show debuted on 15 July 2020. On July 8th, a special PR campaign was transmitted.

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