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GJ Club | GJ部 歌詞
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GJ-bu Lyrics
Title: GJ-bu
Also Called:GJ Club | GJ部
Released on year:2013
Released in:Winter
Num Episodes:12


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School clubs typically advertise their events but the GJ Club's goings-on is a mystery. Kyouya "Kyoro" Shinomiya recently joined the Five-Person Club and became the sole male member.In addition to Kyoro, there is Mao Amatsuka, the president of the club who likes to bite Kyoro when she gets crazy or bashful; Megumi Amatsuka, Mao's composed younger sister who often makes tea and sweets for the members of the club; Shion Sumeragi, a prodigy of demure chess; and Kirara Bernstein, a meat lover with a strong feline personality. All four girls have a certain kind of curiosity in Kyoro.
Kyoro's tenure in GJ-bu will never be a boring one, for better or for worse, with the girls 'idiosyncratic and sweet personalities.


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GJ Club ( GJ部, Gujjobu, lit. Good Job Club ) is a series of Japanese light novels written and illustrated by Shin Araki and Aruya. The adaptation of an anime TV series animated by Doga Kobo, broadcast between 10 January and 28 March 2013. On 14 May 2014, a 46-minute-long special OVA was released.

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