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Altern-ate- Lyrics


Uso mitai na koto mo tsukitsukerareru
Genjitsu wa yōsha naku aru

Kanaetai omoi wa neko no ashioto
Shiranu ma ni shinobi ryōte tsume tateru
Tesaguri de susumu keredo
Seikai mo machigai mo ima wa wakaranai

Zankoku na sentaku shika nai to shitte mo
Sore ga kimi no tame nara ba seou
Yokubō no mama awasete
Ugatsu iwa no ne tachimukau
Kore kara wa futari de hitotsu

[Full Version Continues]

??? nasubeki koto wa
Tori-tachi wa namatsuba nomu
Tadoritsuku basho ni wa machiukeru hana
Midarezaki matte ochite ikikaeru

Subete te ni ireta mono wa
Seikai mo machigai mo hito no sairyō de

Dare ni mo mō tomerarenai arasoi no shu
bonyari to
Tegakari dake mieru
Sakana sae iki hisomete takara o sagasu
Ima da, michi susumu tame futari de

Kono monogatari no shuyaku ja nai
Kanojo wa mō inai
Kono monogatari no shuyaku ja nai
De mo nigenai fumikomu
Kakugo wa dekiteru

Nazo wa tokenai mama neraisadameru
Tsumi to dōtō no nankan seou
Tohō mo naku kuma no kobushi ni jūkō o
Kimi no tame aru kono chikara de
Mamoritai saigo made futari de hito-tsu


Sometimes you have to face something
There are harsh realities

A wish is like a cat's step
It sneaks up on you and claws you
Before you notice
I search blindly
I don't know what's right and wrong yet

Even if I knew there's only the cruel
choice out there
I would turn around if it's for you
As my desire tells me
I face against the rock standing in front
of me
From now on, two of us become one

[Full Version Continues]

What do I hope to accomplish by
What should I strive for?
The birds simply swallow their saliva
At my destination, flowers are waiting
Bloom fully and lose their petals, fall
down and go back to nature

This power I attained through starvation
Can only be judged by human discretion

No one can stop, the seed of conflict
I can only see the clue vaguely
Even the fish hold their breath as they
search for treasures
In order to proceed down this thorny
path, two of us become one

I am not the hero of this tale
My beard stings like thorns... (She's
long gone)
I am not the hero of this tale
... but I won't flee. I will proceed (I'm
ready for the consequences)

The mystery still isn't solved, but I'll
take aim
I'll accept responsibility for a trial
that rivals sin
Putting these savage sinews of the bear
at gunpoint
I'll use this power that exists for you
To protect you until the end
Two of us become one


嘘みたいなことも 突き付けられる

叶えたい思いは 猫の足音
知らぬ間に 忍び両手爪たてる
正解も間違いも 今は分からない

それが君のためならば 背負う
穿つ岩の根 立ち向かう
これからは 二人で一つ


??? 成すべきことは
鳥たちは 生唾飲む
辿り着く場所には 待ち受ける花
乱れ咲待って 落ちて生き返る

全て手に 入れた者は
正解も間違いも 人の裁量で

誰にももう止められない 争いの種 ぼんやりと
魚さえ息潜めて 宝を探す
今だ、道進むため 二人で一つ

でも逃げない 踏み込む

謎は解けないまま 狙い定める
罪と同等の難関 背負う
途方もなく熊の拳に 銃口を合わせ
守りたい最後まで 二人で一つ

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Title: Altern-ate-
Anime: Gleipnir
Type of Song:Opening
Appears in:Opening Theme
Performed by:H-el-ical//
Composed by:Hideyuki Gushimiyagi, グシミヤギヒデユキ
Arranged by:Hideyuki Gushimiyagi, グシミヤギヒデユキ
Lyrics by:Hikaru//

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Which one thinks about becoming a monster? A bloodsucking hideous vampire? The Creation of Frankenstein? Shuichi Kagaya's got one thing. He isn't what one can call average, other than getting great grades and being skilled in sports. In reality, nobody can even find Shuichi human.He woke up one fateful morning like a beast. His world was unexpectedly turned upside down with physical strength, an abnormally powerful sense of smell, large fuzzy paws, and the despair and self-hate that comes with losing one's humanity. The girl he had chosen to save, Claire Aoki, now keeps his secret over his head.

Claire is a sadistic and totally warped child, with no sense of empathy for other people's lives. She was on a hunt for monsters before finding Shuichi, trying to locate her monster friend. While Shuichi becomes a demon, he tries naively to hold onto his human values, but how long can one survive in this insufferable way of living?.

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