Gunjou no Fanfare Songs Lyrics

Fanfare of Adolescence | 群青のファンファーレ
Gunjou no Fanfare Songs Lyrics


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Gunjou no Fanfare Songs
Gunjou no Fanfare Ending Lyrics Fanfare of Adolescence | 群青のファンファーレ Ending Lyrics
Gunjou no Fanfare Opening Lyrics Fanfare of Adolescence | 群青のファンファーレ Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Gunjou no Fanfare

Also Called:Fanfare of Adolescence | 群青のファンファーレ


Released in:Spring


In the captivating realm of Japanese culture, horse racing stands out as one of the few authorized avenues for gambling. It has truly become a fascinating part of the country's fabric. And amidst this thrilling sport, we find Yuu Arimura, a spirited individual who dreams of becoming a jockey and riding his way to victory. Driven by an extraordinary experience at a derby, the 15-year-old idol sensation Yuu stuns the nation as he forsakes the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry to enroll in a prestigious horse racing school. A decision that sparks elation and curiosity. With unwavering passion, he embarks on this new journey, forging bonds with fellow students who are equally exceptional in their own right. Enter the talented Shun Kazanami and the poised Amane Grace; each possessing their own extraordinary skills and charisma. As Yuu immerses himself in this vibrant group, he faces countless trials and hurdles. But his indomitable spirit fuels his determination to achieve the ultimate pinnacle - a harmonious synchrony with his noble steed. Through the churned earth and thundering hooves, Yuu Arimura's pursuit of excellence promises to captivate us all, as we follow his ardent quest to transcend the boundaries, leaving an indelible mark upon the grand tapestry of equestrian brilliance.