Gyokou no Nikuko chan Songs Lyrics

Gyokou no Nikuko chan Songs Lyrics


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Gyokou no Nikuko chan Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Gyokou no Nikuko chan

Also Called:漁港の肉子ちゃん


Released on year:1992

Released in:Spring


Meet Kikuko Misuji, lovingly known as the radiant Nikuko-chan, a beloved figure in her cozy, northern town. Renowned for her infectious laughter and culinary prowess, she has finally found solace aboard a picturesque houseboat with her equally remarkable daughter, Kikuko. In their quest to carve out their own place in the world, this dynamic duo embraces life's challenges with unwavering resolve. While Nikuko-chan fearlessly navigates the vibrant tapestry of existence, Kikuko, a thoughtful and introspective teen, often finds herself grappling with her mother's exuberance, tiptoeing along a path that feels pedestrian and uninspiring. From the perplexing dynamics of adolescent drama to unraveling the enigma surrounding her peculiar classmate, Ninomiya, Kikuko's journey through adolescence is a series of unexpected twists and turns. Embark on a heartfelt exploration as the mother-daughter duo navigates life's tapestry, their experiences unfurling like petals to reveal the beauty hidden within.


Gyokou no Nikuko-chan took the international stage by storm at the prestigious 45th Annecy International Animation Film Festival. Garnering further praise, the film graced the screens of the illustrious Fantasia International Film Festival on August 22, 2021, where it not only captivated audiences but also clinched the highly coveted Satoshi Kon Award for Excellence in Animation. In a glittering display of recognition, the film triumphed at the Bucheon International Animation Film Festival in October 2021, securing the esteemed Korean Society of Cartoon and Animation Studies President's Prize. The accolades continued to pour in, as it received the Jury Award at the Scotland Loves Animation Film Festival that same month. And the cherry on top came in December 2021 when the 46th Hochi Film Awards honored the movie with the prestigious Animation Film Award. The applaud-worthy journey of Gyokou no Nikuko-chan reached new heights in March 2022, as it earned nominations for the Best Animated Feature Film at the 45th Japan Academy Film Prize and the Annie Award for Best Indie Feature at the 49th Annual Annie Awards. Just when the anticipation was at its peak, the film emerged triumphant once again, receiving the esteemed Excellence Award at the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival. The captivating tale of Gyokou no Nikuko-chan captured the attention of GKIDS, leading to its licensing and a grand theatrical release in the United States as Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko on June 2, 2022. The immersive experience extended further with a special screening of the renowned television show Deji Meets Girl. To the delight of fans and collectors, the film was made available on Blu-ray and DVD by GKIDS on July 19, 2022, ensuring that the magic of the film can be cherished and relived time and again.