Hajime no Ippo Champion Road Songs Lyrics

はじめの一歩 Champion Road
Hajime no Ippo Champion Road Songs Lyrics


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Hajime no Ippo Champion Road Songs

Anime Information

Title:Hajime no Ippo Champion Road

Also Called:はじめの一歩 Champion Road


Released on year:2003

Num Episodes:1


Ippo Makunouchi, once the underdog, has ascended to the throne as the undisputed featherweight champion of Japan. Time has flown since his glorious victory, during which he has been blessed with unwavering support from his loyal friends and coach. Moreover, his affection for Kumi Mashiba seems reciprocated as they grow closer. The future looks incredibly promising for the newfound champion, but a formidable storm lurks on the horizon, threatening to shatter his dreams once more. Meet Kazuki Sanada, a cunning pugilist and a medical maestro at the very same hospital where Kumi works. Sanada's fighting style is a fusion of raw strategy and his profound understanding of the human anatomy. The man is a force to be reckoned with, posing a formidable challenge to Ippo's reign. However, what unsettles our hero even more than Sanada's physical prowess is the unwavering support he receives from the nurses' corner. As the champion, Ippo feels the weight of expectations bearing down upon him. To preserve his precious belt, conquer his extraordinary contender, and win the heart of his beloved, he must rise to the occasion once more.