Hakushon Daimaou 2020 Songs Lyrics

The Genie Family 2020 | ハクション大魔王2020
Hakushon Daimaou 2020 Songs Lyrics


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Hakushon Daimaou 2020 Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Hakushon Daimaou 2020

Also Called:The Genie Family 2020 | ハクション大魔王2020


Released on year:1992

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:112


In the ever-changing landscape of the anime world, a remarkable tale unfolds, transcending time and captivating the hearts of viewers. Half a century has elapsed since the legendary escapades of Hakushon Daimaou first graced our screens. Now, a new chapter begins as we are introduced to Akubi, an aspiring queen, and her fateful encounter with Kantarou Yodama, the grandson of Kan-chan, the original owner of the genie bottle. Bound by destiny, Akubi and Kantarou embark on a thrilling journey that brings them face to face with the wonders of the human realm. Uniting their powers, they venture into diverse professions, unraveling mysteries, and discovering the profound significance of nurturing one's dreams. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary odyssey, where the allure of magic intertwines with the complexities of life, revealing poignant lessons about the pursuit of ambitions. Join Akubi and Kantarou as they navigate through a world brimming with possibilities, igniting flames of hope with every step they take. Just as the passage of time shapes destinies, let their encounters inspire you to forge your path towards an uncharted horizon.