Hetalia The World Twinkle Songs Lyrics

ヘタリア The World Twinkle
Hetalia The World Twinkle Songs Lyrics


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Hetalia The World Twinkle Songs
Hetalia The World Twinkle Ending Lyrics ヘタリア The World Twinkle Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Hetalia The World Twinkle

Also Called:ヘタリア The World Twinkle


Released on year:2011

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


In the pursuit of victory against Italy and Germany in the African Front, the United Kingdom and America must set aside their deep-rooted differences and forge a formidable alliance. Despite a disheartening defeat at the hands of a dubious border defense system, France is determined to exact vengeance upon Germany. Beyond boundaries, the Nordic countries find themselves engaged in a captivating discussion, uncovering the astonishing similarities they share, much to Finland's chagrin. Meanwhile, embarking upon an audacious quest, Sealand forms remarkable bonds with Wy and Seborga as he ventures out to discover other micronations that lie hidden across the world.


Funimation Entertainment graced anime fans with the captivating release of Hetalia: The World Twinkle on November 8, 2016. The DVD became an instant sensation, seducing viewers with its elegant formal tone and engaging storyline.