High Card Songs Lyrics

High Card Songs Lyrics


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High Card Songs
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Anime Information

Title:High Card

Also Called:ハイカード


Released on year:2023

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:12


In a desperate bid to save his struggling orphanage from the clutches of financial ruin, Finn, a resourceful youngster surviving the streets on his own, embarks on a thrilling adventure fueled by the hopes of striking it rich at a high-stakes casino. Little does he know that an unimaginable nightmare awaits him there. Swept up in a spine-chilling car chase and a merciless, blood-soaked shootout, Finn's world is forever altered by a fateful encounter with an enigmatic man and his supposedly "lucky" card. Delving deeper into this gripping tale, Finn slowly unravels the truth behind the chaotic brawl. An insidious power struggle simmers beneath the surface, wherein the balance of the world itself is controlled by a remarkable set of 52 X-Playing cards. These extraordinary artifacts possess the awe-inspiring ability to bestow supernatural aptitudes and skills upon those who possess them. Known as "buddies," these hidden powers can unlock incredible potential within individuals. Guided by a clandestine force known as the High Card, a covert league of players personally appointed by the Fourland king, Finn is initiated as the group's fifth member. Their mission is perilous yet vital: retrieve the scattered cards that hold the fate of the kingdom. Concealing their true identities as employees of the prestigious luxury car manufacturer, Pinochle, the High Card navigates a treacherous path, risking their lives to bring order to the chaos. As our young protagonist delves deeper into this mesmerizing world, he soon discovers that vying for control are the formidable Who's Who, a rival car manufacturer consumed with toppling Pinochle's dominion, and the notorious Klondike clan, a notorious Mafia family notorious for their sinis