Hikari no Ou Songs Lyrics

The Fire Hunter | 火狩りの王
Hikari no Ou Songs Lyrics


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Hikari no Ou Songs
Hikari no Ou Opening Lyrics The Fire Hunter | 火狩りの王 Opening Lyrics
Hikari no Ou Ending Lyrics The Fire Hunter | 火狩りの王 Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Hikari no Ou

Also Called:The Fire Hunter | 火狩りの王


Released on year:2023

Released in:Winter


In a world where flames embody the epitome of terror, the ebb and flow of human civilization pivots on a fragile balance of fear. Once devoured by relentless wars, humanity finds itself metamorphosed, their very biology altered to the point where proximity to natural fire results in spontaneous combustion. A dire fate indeed. Yet amidst this conundrum, hope arises in the form of an extraordinary energy source that pulls society back from the precipice of collapse. Known as the "Luminite," this enigmatic substance, bestowed in the shape of stones and residing within the bodies of mythical creatures haunting sprawling forests, grants humanity the coveted sustenance of light and steam. And it is those brave, relentless souls assigned the perilous duty of acquiring this invaluable resource who bear the title of Fire Hunters. Enter Touko, a spirited young girl hailing from a tranquil village. Her encounter with a forest-dwelling monstrosity results in a fateful demise for her valiant Fire Hunter savior. With the hunter's loyal canine companion, Kanata, thankfully restored from injury, Touko finds herself inexplicably thrust into a harrowing journey. Her mission? Escorting Kanata and the fallen hunter's revered fire sickle to his bereaved kin residing in the grand capital city. Meanwhile, in a twist of fate, the son of the noble Fire Hunter finds himself whisked away into the embrace of wealth as he and his sister are adopted by a prosperous family. Little does young Koushi anticipate the startling revelations to come - secrets entwined with the very fabric of the nation's ruling royal lineage. Determined to uncover the truth, he embarks on a clandestine quest, delving deep into his father's legacy and a hidden firestone discovery. A race against time ensues as Koushi becomes entangled in a fierce struggle between the country's dominant elite and a courageous band of individuals endeavoring to salvage humanity from the clutches of its impending doom.