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Hime-chan no Ribbon Lyrics
Title: Hime-chan no Ribbon
Released on year:1992
Released in:Fall
Num Episodes:61


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Erika, the Magic Kingdom princess has come to Earth to find a human girl who just looks like her. The girl turns out to be a tomboy named Himeko Nonohara. To prove her worth as a successor to the crown, Erika must give Himeko a magical item she has made. Himeko must check this object, a ribbon of hair that allows her to turn into any other person she sees, to see if it's worthy. The series follows Himeko's adventures with Daichi, the boy who learns her identity, and her burgeoning romance.

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Hime-chan's Ribbon ( ć§«ăĄă‚ƒă‚“ăźăƒȘボン, Hime-chan no Ribon ) is a magical girl manga series produced by Megumi Mizusawa, which was serialized from August 1990 to January 1994 in Ribon Magazine. It was later adapted into a series of 61 episodes anime, produced by Studio Gallop, which aired from 2 October 1992 to 3 December 1993. The first project of Hajime Watanabe as a character designer had been with Hime-chan no Ribbon. In Japan, the manga series was compiled into ten volumes, where a complete anime DVD release was issued. In December 1993, a stage musical of the show was made, starring the idol group SMAP. The musical was shown in three parts, separate per week.

The opening theme and the three ending themes for the anime were performed by SMAP and each member appears in animated form in episode 13. Both manga and anime are currently unlicensed in the USA..

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