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HuGっと! プリキュア 歌詞

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HuGっと! プリキュア オープニング

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HuGっと! プリキュア エンディング
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Hugtto! Precure Lyrics
Title: Hugtto! Precure
Also Called:HuGっと! プリキュア
Released on year:2018
Released in:Winter
Num Episodes:49


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Nono Hana is an 8th grade student who wishes to be like a mother, a fashionable and mature big sister. She still puts on a beautiful smile, and loves to find exciting things. One day, Hana meets a baby called Hug-tan and Harry, her guardian fairy, who had fallen from the sky. An evil organisation named Dark Tomorrow unexpectedly appeared at that exact moment! They're trying to take Hug-tan's Mirai Crystal violently! Hana decides to do something to support her in order to protect Hug-tan, and her wish is granted, as she receives a Mirai Crystal and turns it into Cure Yell.

The universe is filled with Tomorrow Energy, which is the energy to build a beautiful tomorrow that is crystallized into the Mirai Crystals. If it is stolen, the future of all does not exist. To protect Hug-tan and the future of all, Cure Yell must do its utmost!.

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About Hugtto! Precure

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Hey, Hugtto! PreCure ( HUGっと!プリキュア, Hagutto! Purikyua, lit. "With a Hug! Pretty Cure" ) is a mystical Japanese girl Anime TV series created by Toei Animation. It is the fifteenth series in the franchise Pretty Cure, released to mark its fifteenth anniversary. It is written by Fumi Tsubota and directed by Junichi Sato and Akifumi Zako. On February 4, 2018, it started airing on ANN, succeeding Kirakira PreCure a la Mode in its initial time-lot. This was then replaced on 3 February 2019 by Star Twinkle PreCure. The key subject of the show is fate and the future, with dress code as the core motivations of the Cures.


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