Hyakushou Kizoku Songs Lyrics

Noble Farmer | 百姓貴族
Hyakushou Kizoku Songs Lyrics


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Hyakushou Kizoku Songs
Hyakushou Kizoku Ending Lyrics Noble Farmer | 百姓貴族 Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Hyakushou Kizoku

Also Called:Noble Farmer | 百姓貴族


Released on year:2023

Released in:Summer


Hiromu Arakawa, the acclaimed manga artist, holds a captivating and somewhat unconventional backstory. Believe it or not, before the fame and recognition, Arakawa spent a remarkable seven years toiling away on a farm in Hokkaido, the very heart of Japan's agricultural prowess. While her editor, Ishii, may find it hard to fathom the toils of reaping crops and tending to cows, Arakawa, hailing from a lineage of hardworking farmers, stands ready to unravel the enigmatic and profound world of agriculture.


The remarkable agricultural elements showcased in Hyakushou Kizoku have been meticulously overseen by the Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives, a distinguished organization in collaboration with Japan Agriculture Group.