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CHRONOS RULER | 時間の支配者 歌詞

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CHRONOS RULER | 時間の支配者 オープニング

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CHRONOS RULER | 時間の支配者 エンディング
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Jikan no Shihaisha Lyrics
Title: Jikan no Shihaisha
Also Called:CHRONOS RULER | 時間の支配者
Released on year:2017
Released in:Summer
Num Episodes:13


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Koyuki Honda is looking forward to her graduation ceremony as do others in her class. Although her peers have a family to attend, however, Koyuki has no one to attend, as her only family died years ago. She meets two brothers named Kiri and Victor Putin who chase a mysterious creature while visiting his grave. They try to convince her that they're just actors filming a movie; but Victor piques Koyuki's curiosity about the cemetery's old legend of the clock tower: if you make a wish during a full moon under the clock tower at midnight, time will turn back, enabling somebody to recover what they've lost.

Koyuki, choosing to make her wish, discovers the terrifying truth: the story is a time-demonstration ruse called "Horologues" to steal human beings. Victor uses Koyuki as a trap to attract a demon out there, since they are attracted to remorse. Kiri and Victor explain that they are Chronos Rulers, warriors who use the "Oath of Time" to fight against the Horologues, which helps them to speed up or slow down time.With the demon killed and the crisis averted, Koyuki is able to walk free of remorse on her way. She's not the only human being with sorrows though.

To keep humanity safe, the two boys must continue to chase Horologues down..

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About Jikan no Shihaisha

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Chronos Ruler is a collection of Chinese manhua written and illustrated by Jea Pon. It has also been on-line serialized since March 2015 through Shueisha's digital publication Shonen Jump+. The adaptation of Project No.9's anime television series aired from July 7 through September 29, 2017.

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