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Lonely Castle in the Mirror | かがみの孤城
Texte von Abba-Liedern


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Kagami no Kojou Lieder

Anime Information

Titel:Kagami no Kojou

Auch genannt:Lonely Castle in the Mirror | かがみの孤城


Veröffentlicht am Jahr:2022

Sicherlich Episoden:1


In the bustling city of Tokyo, there lies a tranquil neighborhood where seven remarkable students find solace by avoiding their daily scholastic duties. Concealed within the confines of their dimly lit bedrooms, they isolate themselves from the outside world, unable to confront their family and friends. However, their lives take an unexpected turn when they stumble upon an extraordinary phenomenon - their bedroom mirrors begin to emit an enchanting glow. Intrigued by the radiant allure, they cautiously reach out and suddenly find themselves transported into a whimsical castle reminiscent of the mesmerizing tales penned by the Brothers Grimm. This extraordinary abode, though bereft of basic amenities such as sustenance and running water, fascinatingly offers an abundance of electrical outlets. Within its walls resides a mysterious and petulant girl known as the Wolf Queen, concealing her face behind a mask. The castle becomes their refuge, a sanctuary away from the challenges of the school day. Curiously, they learn that hidden within this mystical fortress lies a key capable of granting their most fervent desires. Alongside this key, they discover a series of enigmatic clues that must be unraveled and deciphered. However, there is a harrowing caveat - the key must be located before the culmination of the school year, and each day, they must vacate the castle by five o'clock, lest they face dire consequences. As time presses on, an unsettling truth emerges - only those courageous enough to expose their own stories will be liberated. And so, they cautiously embark on a journey to unlock each other's narratives, revealing tales of one boy burdened by material possessions but deprived of genuine affection, another tormented by an inexplicable and heart-wrenching rejection, and a girl haunted by the perpetual fear of her predatory stepfather. As they grapple with the confines and rules of this intricate game, their tales intertwine, and a poignant narrative unfolds, showcasing the profound healing power of friendship, empathy, and selflessness. Within this stirring chronicle, these seven characters find themselves trapped within the relentless cycle of misunderstanding and isolation. Yet, their liberation and redemption lie within their collective strength and unwavering bond. As the passage of time unveils their individual stories, they begin to comprehend the remarkable capacity for growth and transformation that emanates from shared narratives. Ultimately, they awaken to the belief that authentic salvation can only be achieved through the profound and courageous act of embracing vulnerability, fostering genuine connections, and making selfless sacrifices.