Kaizoku Oujo Songs Lyrics

Fena: Pirate Princess | 海賊王女
Kaizoku Oujo Songs Lyrics


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Kaizoku Oujo Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Kaizoku Oujo

Also Called:Fena: Pirate Princess | 海賊王女


Released on year:1966

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:31


Ten years ago, tragedy struck when Fena Houtman was separated from her beloved childhood friend, Yukimaru. Their lives were forever changed when a treacherous shipwreck claimed her father's life. Now, at the age of 23, Fena finds herself trapped on a desolate island, condemned to a life of servitude to unscrupulous men. But just when her fate seems sealed, a glimmer of hope arises. In a daring bid for freedom on the eve of her forced marriage, Fena's path intersects with two unexpected saviors from her past. With their assistance, she embarks on a thrilling escape, racing towards the open sea. Their destination? The enigmatic Goblin Island, abode of a formidable warrior clan. It is here that Fena discovers a startling revelation about her father's final voyage—a quest to safeguard an elusive treasure known as "Eden." Armed with nothing but a mysterious crystal, Fena inherits the responsibility to unlock the secrets of this elusive place. As Fena contemplates the enormity of her father's legacy, she is joyfully reunited with Yukimaru. Encouraged by his unwavering support, she embraces her new role as captain of a gallant crew of seven. Their mission: to navigate perilous waters and traverse treacherous territories in pursuit of Eden. Yet, lurking in the shadows, ominous forces conspire to thwart their quest. Fena's journey, already fraught with danger, becomes an even more arduous test of courage and resilience.