Kamiarizuki no Kodomo Songs Lyrics

Child of Kamiari Month | 神在月のこども
Kamiarizuki no Kodomo Songs Lyrics


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Kamiarizuki no Kodomo Songs
Kamiarizuki no Kodomo Ending Lyrics Child of Kamiari Month | 神在月のこども Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Kamiarizuki no Kodomo

Also Called:Child of Kamiari Month | 神在月のこども


Released on year:2007

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


In the depths of her sorrow, Kanna Hayama, a tenacious sixth-grader, finds solace in the invigorating power of running. Tragically, her love for this activity becomes bittersweet as her beloved mother, Yayoi, suddenly passes away, leaving her heartbroken. However, a remarkable twist of fate awaits Kanna when she stumbles upon a mind-blowing revelation that leaves her utterly astounded. Without warning, an auspicious encounter with an ethereal messenger transpires, formed in the guise of her cherished rabbit companion, Shiro, and a enigmatic demon youth called Yasha. Astonishingly, they divulge a mesmerizing secret to the young girl: her late mother was an "Idaten," a descendent of divine beings bestowed with extraordinary swiftness. Yayoi was entrusted with the crucial task of gathering offerings from every corner of Japan for the revered Kamiari Festival held in Izumo annually. Now, as Yayoi's daughter and the newly anointed bearer of the Idaten amulet, Kanna must dutifully shoulder this formidable responsibility. Failure to do so could spell grave consequences for the destiny of the entire nation in the impending year. Driven by an irresistible desire to reunite with her departed mother in the realms of the deities, Kanna bravely accepts the challenge, enlisting the aid of her trusted allies, Shiro and Yasha, in this remarkable odyssey. Unbeknownst to her, however, this marathon-like expedition holds more enigmatic trials than she could ever imagine. It will not only test the limits of her physical endurance but also challenge the very depths of her indomitable spirit. Prepare to embark on an enthralling journey as Kanna Hayama races against time, discovering the boundless strength within herself, and defying all odds in a breathtaking quest that will forever transform her life.


Kamiarizuki no Kodomo, a captivating masterpiece, was brought to life through the visionary project of Cretica Universal. This groundbreaking creation was made possible by the dedicated support of passionate fans, who generously contributed through three successful crowdfunding campaigns on Sony's prestigious First Flight website. From March 27, 2019, to June 1, 2020, enthusiasts eagerly came together, offering their unwavering support to witness the birth of this extraordinary anime endeavor. Initially slated for release in 2020, the film encountered an unforeseen hurdle in the form of the global COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a slight delay. Nevertheless, the anticipation and excitement only intensified as curious viewers yearned for their chance to immerse themselves in this exceptional cinematic experience. The long-awaited preview of Kamiarizuki no Kodomo finally graced Anime Expo Lite 2021 on July 3, evoking awe and enthusiasm amongst its fortunate audience. In a remarkable fusion of creativity and cultural roots, Kamiarizuki no Kodomo draws inspiration from the captivating Japanese mythology that underpins the renowned Kamiari Festival of Izumo. This ambitious project stems from the fertile imagination of Cretica Universal's visionary founder, Toshinari Shinohe, who sought to weave a timeless tale that not only entertained but also celebrated Japan's rich heritage. In an effort to enhance the immersive experience, a captivating sticker rally held in Shimane from October 8, 2021, to February 28, 2022, beckoned visitors to embark on a thrilling journey, allowing them to explore key locations associated with the movie while collecting exclusive stickers as cherished mementos. The foundation of this extraordinary production led to the creation of three awe-inspiring literary works, expertly crafted by Kodansha. Available to eager fans prior to the film's release, these books captivated readers with their enchanting narratives. The first artfully penned tome, co-authored by the mastermind behind the original creation, Toshinari Shinohe, offered a deeper insight into the story's genesis. The second, a mesmerizing novelization, offered an alternative medium to dive into the unforgettable world of Kamiarizuki no Kodomo. Lastly, a visually stunning picture book captured the essence of the cinematic wonder, providing a delightful avenue for fans of all ages to relish in its beauty. With its captivating storyline and meticulously crafted aesthetic, Kamiarizuki no Kodomo has ultimately captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. Its long-awaited premiere on February 8, 2022, in collaboration with the acclaimed streaming platform Netflix, marked the culmination of months of fervent anticipation. Now, fans have the opportunity to witness firsthand the mesmerizing brilliance of Kamiarizuki no Kodomo, as it takes them on an unforgettable journey through the intricate tapestry of Japanese mythology.