Kamierabi Songs Lyrics

GOD.app | カミエラビ
Kamierabi Songs Lyrics


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Kamierabi Songs
Kamierabi Opening Lyrics GOD.app | カミエラビ Opening Lyrics
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Anime Information


Also Called:GOD.app | カミエラビ


Released in:Fall


Gorou, a diligent first-year student attending an esteemed private high school in the bustling city of Tokyo, finds himself devoid of both hopes and aspirations. The world seems indifferent to his existence as he navigates through monotonous and uneventful days, finding solace solely in the companionship of his loyal friend, Akitsu. However, deep within his heart, there lies a subtle longing for Honoka, a captivating classmate who has captured his affection. One fateful day, Gorou's mundane existence receives an unforeseen interruption in the form of a peculiar notification on his smartphone. Bewildered, he reads the enigmatic message: "You have been chosen. Please make a wish." Initially dismissive of its validity, Gorou takes to social media, impulsively sharing a mischievous desire to engage in audacious acts with his beloved idol, Honoka. To his astonishment, the following day brings an unexpected invitation from Honoka herself, leading him to a deserted arcade. Little did Gorou know that his audacious wish was granted.  Congratulations hues upon him like a radiant halo, revealing a mysterious girl named Lall, astonishingly materializing before his eyes. Struggling to comprehend the whirlwind of events, Gorou soon discovers the harrowing truth: he has been selected by the formidable "Great Will" to translate his fervent wishes into reality. However, there's a catch - to attain the coveted title of "God," Gorou and the fellow Kamisama (God) candidates must eliminate each other mercilessly until only one remains. Intriguingly, the first candidate selected to compete for this divine title is none other than Honoka, the very object of Gorou's affection. Faced with a heart-wrenching choice, Gorou must confront the ruthlessness of his desired path as Honoka attacks him ferociously. How will Gorou navigate this treacherous game of gods, torn between his love and the pursuit of ultimate power?