Kawagoe Boys Sing Songs Lyrics

Kawagoe Boys Sing Songs Lyrics


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Kawagoe Boys Sing Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Kawagoe Boys Sing

Also Called:川越ボーイズ・シング


Released in:Fall


Haruo Hibiki, a former maestro of the orchestra, dramatically materializes before Tenshi, plunging their serene existence into utter chaos. This unexpected encounter with Haruo sets off a chain of events that propel Tenshi's once tranquil daily routine into a whirlwind of uncertainty. Despite being a promising talent, Haruo's cantankerous disposition leads to his hasty expulsion from the orchestra. However, redemption awaits him on one crucial condition—to establish an exclusive boys' choral club at the renowned Kawagoe Academy and triumphantly conquer the National Boys' Choir Competition. Reluctantly acceding to this demand, Tenshi and their comrades find themselves thrust into the bewildering realm of the "Boys Choir Club." At first, they are appalled by Haruo's immaturity, flagrant disregard for social cues, and propensity for abrasive language. Yet, as they raise their voices in harmony under Haruo's enigmatic guidance, they fall unreservedly captivated by the magic of the choir. However, challenges pose a threat to their audacious aspiration of victory, as formidable rivals emerge, one after another. Will the Boys Choir Club of Kawagoe Gakuen rise above adversity and seize triumph in the face of relentless competition? Prepare to be enthralled by this fervent youth comedy, resounding with soul-stirring choral melodies!