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Kidou Senshi SD Gundam Lyrics
Title: Kidou Senshi SD Gundam
Released on year:1988
Num Episodes:3

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A list of Mobile Suit Gundam saga Short Parodies. Episode 1 is poking fun at main incidents that took place during the One Year War. In episode 2, when Char comes in to disrupt their party, Amuro, Kamille, and Judau clash over who runs the better pension. Episode 3 is the SD Olympics, an series of sporting competitions that pit a mobile suit man with.

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Mobile Suit SD Gundam ( Japanese: 機動戦士SDガンダム, Hepburn: Kidō Senshi SD Gundam ) is a series of animated shorts released in theaters and from 1988 to 1993 by Sunrise as original video animation. The anime was part of the SD Gundam media franchise and was based on the famous Gashapon capsule toys and model kits that Bandai released at the time.The shorts from the Gundam franchise originally spoof stories and characters with super-deformed versions of Gundam characters and mecha.
Starting with the Counterattack of Mobile Suit SD Gundam in 1989, the series began featuring a regularly appearing collection of SD Gundam characters based on existing SD Gundam toys, Carddass trading cards and manga series, notably from the Gundam Order, Knight Gundam, and Musha Gundam sub-franchises.


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