Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai Songs Lyrics

Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan | 岸辺露伴は動かない
Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai Songs Lyrics


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Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai Songs
Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai Ending Lyrics Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan | 岸辺露伴は動かない Ending Lyrics
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Anime Information

Title:Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai

Also Called:Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan | 岸辺露伴は動かない


Released on year:2016

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:12


Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai brings to life a captivating assortment of one-shots inspired by the legendary manga series, JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey alongside the enigmatic Rohan Kishibe, as he unravels the mysteries and eccentricities that lie in wait, all while seeking the elusive wellspring of inspiration for his manga creations. Fugou Mura Venturing into the uncharted territory of a clandestine village, Rohan becomes a trusted companion to his esteemed manga editor, Kyouka Izumi, who has her sights set on purchasing a house. The village harbors an extraordinary secret: its residents are suddenly bestowed with unimaginable riches upon reaching the tender age of 25. Accompanied by hopes for a prosperous future and an invitation for Rohan to forge his artistic vision, their journey takes an unexpected turn when they encounter a servant named Ikkyuu. The duo faces a perilous test of etiquette, where every wrong step could prove fatal. Mutsukabezaka In the company of his editor, Minoru Kagamari, Rohan sets out on a quest imbued with intrigue and wonder. Having acquired a series of mountains, our tenacious manga artist seeks the legendary entity known as the Mutsukabezaka. Intriguingly, Rohan's pursuit intertwines with the curious tale of Naoko Osato, a wealthy heiress corroded by a curse after committing a heinous crime of passion. It is through her narrative that the path to the desired spirit unfurls. Zangenshitsu In a respite from the world of manga, Rohan takes refuge in the picturesque city of Venice. Meandering through the ornate corridors of a resplendent church, his curiosity is piqued by the sacred confines of the confessional. As Rohan succumbs to a momentary lapse of judgment, accidental eavesdropping transports him into the realm of intricate confessions. Gripped by the haunting recollections of a remorseful soul, he becomes a silent spectator to a tale of human frailty and indomitable fate. The Run As fame propels the young male model Youma Hashimoto into the dazzling spotlight, his obsession with physical perfection grows exponentially. A chance encounter at the gym introduces him to Rohan, sparking a fierce rivalry that ignites the flame of competitiveness within Youma's heart. Driven to push the boundaries of his physical prowess, he descends into a treacherous spiral where self-image takes precedence over all else. Ultimately, Youma challenges Rohan to a momentous clash on the unforgiving treadmills, where their battl


Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai: Fugou Mura's inaugural episode is an exceptional OVA specifically crafted for avid fans who have purchased all 13 Blu-ray/DVD volumes of the renowned anime, JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai. Moreover, the thrilling second episode is exclusively bundled with the limited edition second volume of the manga, adding an extra layer of excitement for dedicated enthusiasts. Furthermore, brace yourself for an unparalleled experience as episodes three and four premiere in a select number of cities, commencing on December 8, 2019. This extraordinary roadshow brings an unprecedented level of delight to lucky attendees. As a finale stroke of brilliance, all four enthralling episodes have been conveniently compiled and made available for home-media release on March 25, 2020. Prepare to be captivated!